1. A great tasting BBQ starts with a great cut of meat. Find a store that actually has a butcher you can talk to and go over with the butcher what you intend to do with your meat purchase. A butcher that understands BBQ will be a great source of information!

2. Pair the wood with the food you plan to cook. Different wood smoke imparts different flavors to your food  

3. Great BBQ takes time it’s not called ‘Low and Slow’ for nothing. Half the fun is making a BBQ into an experience.

4. Depending on the temperature outside your smoker will need between 30 to 50 minutes to bring the cooking barrel up to temperature.

5. Don’t trim off all of the fat from your cut of meat.  It will add the great flavor to the food and most of this fat melt off in the smoker.

6.” If you’re lookin’ it ain’t cookin’”. Avoid the temptation to open the smoke chamber door to see how things are going.

7. Adding a liquid to the bottom of the cooking chamber or in a pan in the chamber will help retain moisture in the meat especially in a long cook.  Some people use apple juice, beer or some plain water.

8. Know your smoker if you don’t have a equalizer plate you may need to rearrange food in the cooking chamber during a long cook.

9. Allow the meat to sit and rest before carving. The larger the cut of meat the longer it should sit.

10. Don’t leave your meat in the smoker when it is done or it will dry out. If the meat is done before you are ready to eat loosely tent the meat in tin foil to hold temperature.