Bulldog Quality BBQ Smokers

Our BBQs and Smokers are all made of the highest grade materials and crafted to perfection.
Our premier offset smokers are the barrel shaped cooking chamber with a shorter, smaller diameter barrel attached to the bottom of one end for a firebox. To cook a small fire is built in the firebox where airflow is tightly controlled. The heat and smoke from the fire are drawn through a connecting opening into the cooking chamber. The heat and smoke cook and flavor the meat before escaping through an exhaust vent at the opposite end of the cooking chamber.

  • Push Handle and Steel Wheels allows you to move the Smoker with ease
  • Stay Cool Spring Handles on doors and vents lets you to open hot doors or vents without fear of burning your hand. (Some Models)
  • Charcoal Grate in Fire Box lets the ashes fall below the firebox so the fire can burn more efficiently.
  • Firebox and Chimney Vents make internal temperature control a breeze.
  • Heat Resistant Paint applied to all non-cooking surfaces
  • Grease Drain allows you to easily drain moisture and grease out of the smoking barrel during cleaning
  • Smoking Barrel Door Thermometer helps you conveniently keep an accurate tab of the temperature.
  • High Quality Door Hinges for quiet reliable usage
  • Firebox Cooking Grate allows you to grill over the  firebox. (Some Models)
  • Slide Out Ash Pan* collects all the ashes for easy disposal even while you’re cooking. (Some Models)

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